Tasting Day for Schneuczek No. 2


Our very own second beer creation the Schneuzcek No. 2 was brewed on April 21st, bottled on April 27th and after nearly one month of maturation we finally opened a bottle to get a taste of what we brewed.

About collecting Beer


I’d like take a look back on our ‘beer history’ and collecting beer itself. Our hobby can’t be compared to people collecting things to get very special rare items and maybe even make money with it. No we’re just doing this to broaden our horizon in the taste of one of the oldest alcoholic beverages […]

Why should I start homebrewing?


If you are a homebrewer, like myself, you might have heard the question before and if you consider starting homebrewing you’ve also faced it: Why should I start homebrewing? So let’s have a closer look at the whole thing.

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