Minimalism – A matter of needs vs. wants

A while ago I wrote something about Downsizing and switching to digital copies (eBooks, music, games,…). Then I discovered Minimalism and found it quite interesting, but also not clear on the financial part. Should I consider this? tl;dr: Just think at least twice if you really need or just want something, and thus if it is worth buying. Is this already Minimalism? I […]

Hamlet in London – How classy

“I want to see Hamlet”…”Well okay.”…”In London.”…”Why in London?”…”Because Benedict Cumberbatch!” Not exactly her words but I think you get the basic idea why we had(!) to go on a 4-days short trip to London. TL;DR: Theatre great, Rugby Worldcup great, Museum great, but overcrowded and expensive. 

Weltenburger Kloster Barock dunkel

Brauerei: Brauerei Weltenburg Farbe: rotbraun, klar Geruch: leicht malzig und wie Vollkornbrot Geschmack: süßlich, malzig aber auch leicht wässrig, rel. schwach am Anfang, schmeckt dann auch wie Vollkornbrot und kommt dann richtig gut zur Geltung Alkohol: 4,7 Vol.% Stammwürze: 12,5%

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