PS3 finally hacked?!

The hacker group fail0verflow seems to have finally hacked the PS3. And the Video from the 27c3 in Berlin is just so entertaining to watch, i have to link it here: Video. The hack could be done because Sony implemented the Elliptic Curve Algorithm (ECDSA) not “quite right”.

Nicely done guys, i had so much fun watching the video from the conference.
It is really Epic in case of the “random” Number Sony chose.

Best part for me was:

int getRandomNumber()
return 4; //chosen by fair dice roll
//guaranteed to be random

This belongs to the category “Things you just can’t believe to be true”.

In case you are interested, here is the Presentation as PDF.

According to failOverflow the only thing preventing the PS3 from being hacked earlier, was the ability to use Linux, which is all a hacker wants. But unfortunately Sony disabled/removed this feature – due to fear of piracy after geohots hack(?) – and so the hackers became active.

And finally the Presentation of the hack working live: Video “We don’t have to exploit anything, we just see things.”

Hopefully this will be used for Homebrews and not for piracy. Because normally piracy leads to the  industry saying that games need to be more expensive and stupid copy protection.

Just another epic fail from Sony, or at least from their marketing.
They actually managed to twitter the PS3 Master Key because someone twittering as Kevin Buttler thought that his “Battleship” was attacked by some strange coordinates. Unfortunately these “Coordinates” where the Master Key.

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