New things to look at…

I’ve recently made myself two presents. A new Monitor, the Dell U2713HM, and a new lense for my D5100 the Tokina 11-16mm Pro DX II. Both for better results and more opportunities to work on my photos. Well unfortunately my graphics card died shortly before i got the new screen, my onBoard card wasn’t able to reach the full resulotuin of the Dell Screen, so i also had to buy a new graphic card *sigh*

Of course i had to try out the new equipment, made a “photo walk” with some friends and several new picturs found their way into my galleries. Some new shots of Dortmund were added, some animals have been so kind to pose for me and well of course we tried out some new beers. The local Bergmann Brewery introduced a new Beer, the 1972, and we went to the “pre-release tasting” an the day of the german beer (April 23rd). They say that i tasts like a beer from the 70s. Well neither of us lived in the 70s so we can’t say if they reached theier goal, but it tasted like a nice Pils and we’ll surely be there when it will be released this summer.

I also added 2 new categories (Noir, People and Events) to the photography section of this blog. Check them out and let me know if you like some of the results.

The Blog itself is still a bit under construction though. Navigation is sometimes still a pain in the ass i got to admit, sorry for the mess. And the style of the menu still isn’t finished. I’ll work on that…

Thats it for know. Thanks you and bye bye.


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