New things to look at…Part II

It’s been a while since i’ve uploaded new photos  but a shady official holiday – Fronleichnam in germany or as we like to call it “happy cadaver” – gave me enough time to work on some of my recent photos.

As a result there are of course new pictures in Beers of the World, i’ve added some impressions from Dortmund and Berlin, but don’t expect the standard tourist shots there. I had only a little spare time in Berlin-Hellersdorf. So i just took a few shots of the surroundings.

And i’m really happy that managed to get some photos of a bumblebee pollinating salad and tomatos on our balcony. Well the sky was pretty cloudy, the light was not that good and i had to react fast to get the cam, change the lense to my 70-300mm Tamron and to take some pictures.

Check out my new Bumblebees gallery if you like.

So they are all a bit shaky and not the cleanest and best results. But nevertheless i’m happy that i finally could take pictures of the fluffy insect at all.

As always thanks for stopping by, have a nice holliday (if you have one) and bye bye for now.

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