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From Lindome, south of Gothenburg, to Strömstad near the Norwegian border, the full 360 km? Or the other way round from the north to the south? Or start somewhere in between? The Bohusleden offers many ways to hike on it. Ranging from a day trip to the full route.

These are the decisions you have to make before going on the trek and so did we. If not able to do the whole way as one vacation trip, many people tend to start at the ‘official‘ beginning near Lindome, go as far as they can during the time that they have and than return after a year or so to do the rest.

For us it was obvious that the full 360 km of the Bohusleden would not be possible because we only would have the two weeks from August 22nd till September 5th including arrival and way back to Germany. We also wanted to spend a day in Gothenburg at the end this meant that we had roughly 13 days for trekking. So at first we also thought that it would be best to go by train to Lindome and start with the ‘official‘ first stage from BLÅVÄTTNERNA to STENSJÖN. But looking at the maps and especially reading the german blog posting from Bewaehrungsprobe about getting started we had some doubts. Walking roughly 4 km from Lindome Station to the Mölnalds GolfKlubb and than down to little Blåvättnerna Lake only to go half of the way back didn’t seem right.

An alternative would have been to take the same train from Gothenburg Central but take the exit at Anneberg Station before Lindome and get to the starting point. Both options would have meant to make kind of a detour to pass Gothenburg and than take the way up North. And although this is the Bohusleden as it was meant to be, we wanted to leave the outskirts of the bigger city a bit faster.

So what about starting in the north? I don’t know if it’s true but in several travel reports I read about the way being a bit more uninteresting up there because the Bohusleden leads more often over normal streets and not through the woods. This might be nice for people planning to visit the cities and villages along the way and if you also want to see some of the sightseeing there. But wanted the lakes, the woods and muddy boots. Maybe this is because we’re already living in a big city, which we love by the way, or maybe it is just that we don’t know any better and trust some words we read on the internet. But we decided that we still wanted to start as south as possible.

It was not that easy with Google Maps, Open Street Maps and Garmin Basecamp – really bad software by the way – but we found something that seemed to be exactly what we wanted. A GPS Track starting at stage 6 from ANGEREDS KYRKA to FONTIN. About 164 km in 12 days should be possible even if you’re not that used to trekking.

Bohusleden GPS Track
Bohusleden GPS Track on gpsies

And we where planning for 13 days, even better. Because we wanted ‘one day off’ if possible. Just to find a really nice spot at a lake and sit there for a while. Like I said in my post about the decision to take the Bohusleden, it should be a nice tour for a beginner and not a hardcore adventure. That’s because if you start to hard, you might loose all the fun. And I wanted this to be fun for both of us.

So Angered to Svarteborg, or maybe Lunden. Starting in the outskirts of Gothenburg and not having to go way around it, about 164 km to 175 km total. A nice distance for 13 days, our decision was made. Now we had to further optimize our gear and also the food we wanted to take with us. A rough calculation was pointing at ~20 kg that each of us would have to carry on her/his back. But there is always some room for optimizations without totally going the ultralight path.


Just to let you know, a great resource for (german) Info about everything concerning the Bohusleden, apart from the official page, is The page itself is a bit old school, but the info provided is nearly up to date and one of the best you can find on the net.

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