Bumblebees, a Dragonfly, a Hoverfly, a Butterfly and more

After several shopping trips to prepare for the finale of the Fifa WM 2014 tomorrow I took a little break on our Balcony. And because I knew that our Salads and Herbs attract insects, I took my D5100 with me and managed to get some nice shot of a hoverfly, even in midair.

20140712-DSC_1291 20140712-DSC_1303

So my galleries of insect photography, which I started with several photos of bumblebees feeding on the blossoms of out balcony salad, are growing and growing. Last weekend I went with my girlfriend to the Westfalenpark here in Dortmund. She was mainly interested in the big flea market there. Well I took my cam with me and was, of course, mostly interested in taking some nice pictures.

So we got a ticket for the park and also for the TV-Tower ‘Florian’ in the park because I hoped to get some noce shots of Dortmund from up above.

TV Tower Florian TV Tower Florian - Dortmund Westfalenpark

We already went up the tower once, but the weather was not that great this day. Luckily it was much better this time and I manged to get some really nice shots from the city. Of course I had to take, not only one but many, from ‘our’ world famous Westfalenstadion (don’t mention the other name. Westfalenstadion for ever!):

Westfalenstadion Dortmund Westfalenstadion Dortmund

And this is how the Dortmund, well at least parts of the city, and the Ruhr-Area (Ruhrgebiet) look like from ~145m:

Dortmund Dortmund from TV Tower Florian Dortmund Dortmund from TV Tower Florian Dortmund Dortmund from TV Tower Florian Dortmund Dortmund from TV Tower Florian

But I didn’t only catch some nice pictures of the city and its surrounding landscape, there were also some flamingos in the park. They tried to get a little rest but a mother was trying to ‘force’ her child to get very close to them to get a nice picture with her smartphone.
The girl didn’t really want to walk into the water and get closer to the birds, but ‘super-mom’ was pushing and pushing her. Stupid stupid people.

Flamingo Flamingo in Westfalenpark Dortmund

And a Dragonfly was taking a sunbath aside from one of the pools in the park:


After several hours in the park and having covered the whole flea market, well at least I think we managed to get a look at each stall, we went to the city. Which can be quite nice on sundays because, it’s not so crowded. All shops are closed and just some coffee shops and restaurants are open. So we had a cup of coffe and a cake and I was very happy to see this nice VW Bus parked in the streets:


In the afternoon a Butterfly was visiting our balcony and I caught him resting on one of our flowers:


Well thats it for today and what happend last weekend. Hopefully Germany will win the World Title tomorrow. We’re having a small party and be watching the match with several friends. Sadly everyone has to work early on monday so we can’t be celebrating the title the whole night long.

But next week is Dong week. The best festival in the world and for my friends and me some kind of a special holiday and get together once every year.

So bye bye for now and as always feel free to browse my page and my photos and leave me comment if you like.

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