Where do you keep your dirty Socks?

Having not slept so well in the nights before I slept for several hours after breakfast on Sunday. After waking up again I still felt kind of dizzy and thought it would be best to wake up my body and brain with a nice, hot cup of Cappuccino. But the brewing process went a bit strange.

I filled the water tank part of my Bialetti with water, as always. Then I added the Espresso coffee powder to the – well I don’t know how the thing is called – basket/sieve of the machine where it belongs, as always. Fired up the oven, put the Bialetti on the hot plate and waited for the typical bubbeling sound of fresh coffee and the sizzeling of the hot steam, as always.

After a few minutes I heared these sounds, took the Bialetti from the oven heated up some milk to make some nice cream and wanted to fill my cup with the fresh Espresso. Well little did I know or better said: Little was pouring out of the machine. Pretty strange because I was sure that the complete water had run through the coffee powder and the nozzle. So I opened up the lid of the Bialetti and found…TWO SOCKS!!!

You can imagine that I was a tiny tiny bit astonished to find clothes inside a coffee machine! With a little detective skill and some logical combinations I found the person guilty for this. No this time it wasn’t me. After the Dong Festival we packed all our stuff to head home. Well and my girlfriend packed the small Bialetti, the machine I tried to use today. And to save some room in her backpack she thought it would be a great idea to stuff some used socks in it.

Bialetti with Socks
Bialetti with…Socks

Now you might say “a bit strange but also a bit clever she is”. And yes I’ll give you that. But can someone please explain to me why you put a Bialetti filled with your dirty socks back into the cupboard???

Yes of course I could have avoided all the trouble if I would’ve looked into the upper part of the machine. But seriously, this thing is only useful when there is coffee in it. You make coffee, clean the whole machine and put it back in the cupboard. And while making the coffee you only use the lower parts. So why open the lid and look for socks or any other strange things in there?

Well at least we had a good laugh and I was pretty much awake afterwards. And this is how it should have looked inside:

Boiling Coffee
Boiling Coffee

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