13 Days of Food – Our Bohusleden Meal Plan

I’ve been having some strange stomach problems for the last 6(!) days. So what better to talk about than food right?

As you might already know my girlfriend and I are planning an autarkic 13 days trekking trip on the Bohusleden in Sweden. Which means that we’ll have to carry all of our food by ourselves and we don’t want to rely on any shops in villages and stores along the way. So we’ve been counting calories and weight for a few days and came to the conclusion that we want to go for 500 g of food per day and person resulting in roughly 2200 kcal and 6,5 kg. And yes 2200kcal is not that much while being physically active. But let’s face it, we’ve both been lazy couch potatoes for a long time so this should work out. We’ll also pack some emergency provisions just in case so that each of us will really have to carry 7 kg.

Now you might be interested what we are planning to eat on a typical trekking day. Well we start with a cereal, or muesli if you like, while we are on our way we’ll stick to bars of chocolate and nuts and in the evening we’ll hopefully enjoy some convenience food with some nice hot tea. Additionally we’ll carry some more nuts and dried beef. The cereal will be homemade as are some of the nut&chocolate bars.

And now I’ll just let some pictures speak for themselves. This is how each of our 13 days of food on the Bohusleden will look like.

Starting the day with a nice breakfast:



  • different kinds of rolled oats
  • different kinds of nuts
  • raisins
  • freeze-dried fruits
  • chia seeds
  • spelt puffs (looking like Smacks)
  • tigernut or chufa sedge
  • amaranth
  • full-cream milk powder (from an asian food store)

A portion for one day weighs 130 g and will give us a good start.

Homemade chocolate & nut bars:

(please note the ingredients shown are not the same that we used for our first try too cook & bake the bars)

Our recipe is a combination of these two with some experiments 🙂

Additional Sweets:


Dinner is served:


And good old Beef Jerky:


And I like to recommend this additional link for the german readers: Trekkingnahrung und andere Outdoorrezepte. It might come in handy as an inspiration.

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