Bohusleden 2014 – Day 1

With not much sleep we started our trip at 3:20 AM in Dortmund. A taxi brought us to the Centralstation and we headed to Dusseldorf Airport to catch our flight to Gothenburg Sweden.

Backpacks at Dortmund HBF Shaky Photo of our backpacks arround 3:30 AM at Dortmund HBF.

with a lot of time left and our baggage not being searched for any gas cans or other stuff – our backpacks were full of zipper bags filled with milk powder, nuts and other ‘strange things’ – we just chilled a bit and watched the planes taking of into the sunrise. For the statistics: my backpack weighed 19.6 kilo and the one of Franzi 17.6 kilo. So we pretty much nailed it with our goal to stay below 20 kilo. But of course you have to add 2 litres of water for each of us and the gas cans we where going to buy.

We arrived just in time in Gothenburg Landvetter Airport at 8:40 AM, took the Airport Shuttle to Gothenburg Central Station (Nils Ericson Terminal) for 99 SEK each (can only be paid by Credit Card!). On our way into the city we already saw the Naturkompaniet, the outdoor shop where we were planning to buy our gas cans. Advice for people who also want go by Airport Shuttle to the city and want to buy some outdoor stuff: take the exit one station before Central Station, which is very close to the store.

Finally arrived at Gothenburg Finally arrived at Gothenburg

So we bought our gas cans and 2 ‘Berghaferl‘ with Naturkompaniet Branding. Our first souvenir on the trip. The shop assistant was very nice (and good-looking according to my GF) and waved us goodbye while we headed off back to the Central Station to catch our Bus to Angered Kyrka.

There seemed to be no ticket machines at the station so we had to draw a number and wait in line to buy tickets. We didn’t know if we were standing in the correct line – we just chose option 1 which was called ‘Köp’ – but everything seemed to be okay and we got our bus tickets. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a platform where our bus should be leaving. So we asked some official looking guys and they showed us the way.

After 20 min we arrived at Angered Kyrka, the starting point for our ‘mission’ to walk on the Bohusleden.

Angered Kyrka - startung point stage 6 Angered Kyrka is the startung point of stage 6 of Bohusleden. House in Angered Swedish style house in Angered

We shouldered our heavy loads and left our bus stop for ‘the wild’. First we were hiking on roads and then we entered the woods, with the way always going up and back down.

Into the woods Into the woods

Strangely the way was sometimes marked pretty well in places were you could never go wrong – e.g. you are walking down a straight road with no chance to go left or right and every 3 meters there is a typical orange marking for Bohusleden – but in other situations where you have to decide to go left or right there is nothing. But all in all everything went pretty well and we didn’t really need the map.

After maybe 1 1/2 or 2 hours we started to feel the long and hard day. My back and the feet of Franzi were aching, my backpack just didn’t want to feel right, we were starting to feel that haven’t had that much sleep and got pretty exhausted. Although the landscape was really beautiful it was a bit hard to enjoy everything.

Stora Mölnesjörn Stora Mölnesjörn - The first out of many lakes on our trip

Listening to our bodies we decided to called it a day at the next nice place we would find. And after i don’t know how many kilometres at arround 4 or maybe even 5 PM we found a  nice cabin at a lake called Gadevatten which seemed to be perfect.

Our first cabbin Our first cabbin

Well the place was really nice except the fact that nobody seemed to care about their ‘remains’. Which means that you could find leftovers of toilet paper in many places arround the cabin.

Nevertheless we decided it will be best to sleep in the cabin for the night and cook a our first packet meal. To our amazement a couple from Germany also arrived at our place. They were pretty much exhausted too but they had already been hiking on the Bohusleden for several days now.

All of us got into the warm sleeping bags pretty quick to rest and power up again.

A memorable quote from the day after hearing some sounds:

Franzi: ‘Did you hear that too?’
Me: ‘Yes. Guess it were ducks or geese chattering.”
Franzi: ‘Thank god, i was already afraid it was Hip Hop.’

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