Bohusleden 2014 – Day 2

Although we were pretty much exhausted on day 1 we couldn’t get as much sleep as we liked. At night it started raining and sadly the roof of our cabin was not fully sealed. Water was seeping through some of the little gaps. It wasn’t really that much but if you are woken up by drops of water in your face it is still annoying enough to keep you awake.

Not that this would have been enough. We also had a little visitor in the night. A mouse kept sneaking arround in the cabin and although mice tend to be silent, her little feet made scrambling noises on the wooden planks loud enough to wake you up.

Nevertheless we were  welcomed by a very beautiful morning and a nice view on the fog over the lake –> Cabinporn.

Morning at the lake Beautiful view at the at the lake in the morning Our cabin with a non-waterproof roof Our cabin with a non-waterproof roof

Our little guest also seemed to enjoy the view and was still searching our stuff for some food.

A mouse looking through our stuff A mouse looking through our stuff in the morning. A mouse looking through our stuff A mouse looking through our stuff in the morning.

The poor little thing seemed to be skinny and of course very much afraid of us. But not enough to run away, the hunger kept her next to our backpacks. We called her ‘Liselotte’ and shared some of our cereals with her. And all out of a sudden she disappeared. So we took our chance to take a short swim/bath in the lake and then got ready to get back on the track. We shouted goodbye to the other german couple camping next to us but they didn’t seem to recognize us leaving.

Our path was sometimes a bit rocky, sometimes just a small way in the woods and well it also was several times pretty muddy.

Wodden Planks in the mud Wodden Planks in the mud lead the way.

But the weather was nice, not to hot and always a bit cloudy but the sun was still nice and warm and although our shoes were getting muddy and wet everything else was warm and dry.

After a while of hiking through the swedish woods we reached a little village called Jennylund which made us smile because we have two good friends called Jenny (or Jennie if you like).

Reaching Jennylund Reaching Jennylund

Sadly though the feet of Franzi started to hurt and she somehow managed to get blisters on both feet. Something wasn’t quite right with her socks and we took a little break to take care of the problem, which wasn’t that effective and so we had to walk on slowly to at least reach a point where we could set up our camp.

We reached Bohus and from our map we knew that we somehow had to cross the river flowing through the little town. But again we had to face the problem that the Bohusleden is marked very well in the woods and everywhere where you can’t go wrong, but in small towns the markings are often missing or even misleading. So we just saw a large highway bridge with a construction site and thought ‘this can’t be the way to the other side’. While searching for a way to get across the river we were really a bit lost. Looking back I really don’t know why we behaved so stupid in finding our way. Might have been because we were again exhausted, my shoulders were hurting because my backpack still didn’t fit properly and the feet of Franzi did hurt so much that she couldn’t really walk that fast.

Out of our confusing we were walking back and forth till we saw some locals walking over the highway bridge and also through the construction site. Simple as that we also crossed the river with a nice view at Bohus Fästning.

Bohus Fästing at Kungälvs Bohus Fästing at Kungälvs

Directly at the feet of the little castle on Fästningsholmen peninsular is a little campground were we decided to camp for this night. With 225 SEK for a small tent and two persons it really wasn’t cheap but Franzi was very frustrated with her feet hurting so much that this clearly was the best option for our second day, which also ment that we had nearly made the first stage of our trip (stage 6 of Bohusleden from Angered to Fontin) in 2 days. But we already thought of that before so everything was fine, except for our bodies which told us that being a couch potatoes is not the best preparation for a hike.

Fun facts:
The receptionist at the campground was speaking perfect german and we were camping next to a group of german scouts from a village near Frankfurt a.M called Steinheim.

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