Bohusleden 2014 – Day 3

After the somehow exhausting day number two on the Bohusleden we really enjoyed the showers on the campground in the morning. Not what was initially planned on our ‘autarkical’ trip but well you often have to make some compromises right?

MSR Hubba Hubba NX on campground in Kungälv MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent on campground in Kungälv

It also got pretty late till we packed our stuff and our tent to get back onto they way again.

Looking back at Bohus Fastäning Looking back at Bohus Fastäning

So we left the little Island, walked a bit through Kungälv and entered Fontin nature reserve.

Church in Kungälv Church in Kungälv

To my astonishment Franzi was suddenly making the pace. There seemed to be nothing left from the pain in her feet and the forest roads that we had to walk on seemed to be much more a terrain for her than some small paths through the woods.

After 3h her ‘battery charge’ was depleting pretty fast. I had already suspected that this would happen but she wanted to fast forward this day. Additionally it started raining during the day and we had to find out that Franzi’s rain jacket is everything but impermeable. Another setback for her and especially for our mood. It was time to set up the camp and to put on some dry clothes. The next possible place to set up the camp, according to our map, was supposed to be at lake Tvibotten.

Unfortunately the shore was either steep and rocky or there was a road next to it. So we had to set up our camp in the woods not that far away from the lake. Shortly after we had chosen a possible spot for a camp a car stopped on the road and a man came after us. But not because we were doing something wrong, no he was carrying a fishing rod and he just waved at us and made his way down to the lake. We decided that it might be a good idea to ask him for a possible better spot to spend the night and I went after him. But I couldn’t find him anymore. This was pretty strange. I found several small spots near the lakes shore where other people had drunken some beers and had put up a small barbecue, but there was no place large enough to even set up a small tent.

Fortunately the rest of our stuff was dry and our camp wasn’t that bad with a small stream next to it so that we didn’t even had to walk down to the lake to get some fresh water. With a nice cup of tea we crawled into our sleeping bags and started reading while listening to the rain outside.

Again not the best of days on this trip but well that’s how it goes on such a trip.

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