Bohusleden 2014 – Day 4

The first night in the woods without the ‘safety’ of a cabin nearby went pretty well although it was raining nearly the whole night. While we were still following our morning routine, there were already some locals in the woods collection mushrooms which can be quite disturbing if you are ‘sitting behind the next best tree minding your own business’.

Hubba Hubba in the woods MSR Hubba Hubba NX in the woods

Nothing really to worry about. The swedish people seem to be used to the outdoors and to people camping in the woods which is pretty great. Not that the so-called ‘wild camping’ is normally forbidden in Germany I think we germans are often kinda ‘suspicious’ about the things unknown, not to say foreign, people are doing in ‘our area’. Not that we are es strange and territorial as the people from the US. But although the swedish people are also a bit more distant or reserved, as we northern Europeans tend to be, nevertheless they are very nice and open.

So much about the differences in our cultures from my point of view for now.

For us it became more and more a real routine being outside. We fixed our breakfast and packed our gear. The tent was still wet from all the rain as were some of Franzis clothes due to her useless rain jacket.

The way we had to follow was not that hard and we hiked over some meadows and of course through the woods again. We even reached a small village – every single house seems to have its own village name here in Sweden – called ‘Rostock’ like the german city.

Bohusleden this way Bohusleden this way

Shortly before reaching the next big lake, the so-called ‘Romsjön’ it first started with a little rain and then changed pretty fast into a hailstorm. The weather was really not on our side. Not that some of our gear was still wet, now we had to improvise with a garbage bag to keep Franzi at least a bit dry till we could reach the next shelter.

Long way down Long way down

After maybe 15 or 20 minutes we reached the shores of the Romsjön and were happy to find simple changing rooms there. Not knowing how long the damn rain and hail would be there, we braced some cords for our wet clothes and sat down to wait. Near the changing rooms there was also a barbecue place and a small campground. But the grass was soaked trough and we couldn’t even think about setting up our tent there yet.

Romsjön in the rain Romsjön in the rain

A short while after we had arrived and were staring at the lake a guy arrived. Sven was also from Germany and had the same idea as we. He was soaked through likewise and he wanted to wait for better weather.

Changing cabins at Romsjön Changing cabins at Romsjön

It kept raining and we decided that it would be best to stay. So we put up the tent inside the changing rooms while Sven put up his tent outside. He had a groundsheet with him, so his tent had a better water proofing at the bottom than ours. Note to self: Buy a groundsheet . It’s not that heavy and really nice to have in these situations!

So we sat in our tents and listened to the rain. Strangely enough two other groups of germans arrived, stayed a while and decided to go on. They were going in the opposite direction and wanted to find a better spot to stay for the night.

In the late evening a bigger group of scouts arrived. Of course they were from Germany too. Nearly all of them didn’t seem to have any dry clothes left at all, but the sun was finally coming out again to spend some warmth for the last hour of the day and upon arrival the scouts just dropped their gear, put on some swimming clothes and jumped into the lake.

After taking a bath they asked us if they could sleep in the changing rooms because they didn’t even had tents with them, they were just relying on some tarps. This seemed to be a bit odd to us because some of them were carrying down sleeping bags. A really good idea for a land like Sweden. No wonder that some already got a cold.

Me at Romsjön's shore Me at Romsjön's shore

Somehow we managed that everybody had a dry place to sleep and I have to say it became a nice evening with a beautiful view at the lake and even a big campfire. The fire was built with the help of some locals because the scouts went to a near farm and asked for some dry wood. And not only that they were given some wood to start a fire, no the people also brought two bags of coal down to the lake for them which I think was really very nice.

Hubba Hubbba in the evening Hubba Hubbba in the evening Panoramic view - Beautiful lake in the evening Panoramic view - Beautiful lake in the evening

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Yes I know that several photos are showing the same thing. It’s always the Romsjön from different angles. I just wanted to document the changing weather on that day.

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