Bohusleden 2014 – Day 5

Although it was raining most of the time on the last day the evening was very nice I have to say and I was in a good mood for today. Ans as it wanted to say sorry to us the sun came up in the morning and ‘painted’ a beautiful scenery to look at when waking up.

Beautiful view in the morning Beautiful view in the morning at lake Romsjön

Everybody hung up their clothes out to dry this morning. The scouts where using every chance to put their wet clothes on a cord and even used ours without asking. Well nothing to worry about but we felt it kinda strange that they often didn’t seem to really pay attention to their surroundings and where sometimes a bit ‘ruthless’. For example the day before, when they all jumped into the lake, they didn’t even care for a second that a man was trying to fish with his son. And today some of the girls where excited to find out that there where fishes swimming in the lake. No really?

They also just climbed over a fence on a cow pasture the dry their clothes on the lines of the electric fence. So the cows where a bit irritated and some of the girls argued that their clothes might get burn because of the electricity. Some of their other clothesline was braced directly between some trees on the Bohusleden path. A path that was also used by some bikers, which now had to stop and duc. Like i said, nothing to really worry about but I think you shouldn’t behave like everything belongs to you and don’t care about everything else. Especially if you are not a child any more. Most of them seemed to be at least 15 or 16 and older.

We packed our gear and left the Romsjön at arround 11 o’clock. Sven, the guy from Kiel, had left half an hour before and the scouts where still trying to organize breakfast when we left.

We followed the path to the small village of Grandalen knowing that we were already pretty far behind our planned schedule to reach Svartedalen. But we didn’t really care. The weather was warm and nice and the way was not that hard.

In Grandalen we again saw an old US car, something which was quite common to see here in Sweden as we found out. While we hiking near villages with some more houses we saw at least one typical US car on the road.

Old US car Old US car

Another thing that we found, which was a bit funny for us, was a vending machine for fishing licences. On the one hand a nice thing that you don’t have to go to a real office, fill out some documents, show your fishing licence and so on. But on the other hand a bit expensive. A licence for one day cost 160 SEK which is about 16 €. And if I remember correctly you where only allowed to catch 3 fish.

Want to buy a fishing licence? Want to buy a fishing licence?

Back in the woods the path was getting a bit rougher again going way up and down all the time. After the easier hike yesterday it was getting harder again, which didn’t add up to Franzis happiness. Sadly our goal for today, the so-called Längevatten, was still not in sight.

And of course it started raining again so that Franzi put on her ‘garbage bag rain jacket’. She immediately decided to sew a better fitting jacket with two or three bags when we reach the next cabin.

Oh the next cabin, of course there was none to be found at the Längevatten as we thought and we had to go on although Franzi was pretty much exhausted.

So we were very happy to finally reach the little lake Holmevatten with a really nice cabin. And the weather was also back on our side again with a nice and warm sun. After we hung up our wet clothes…again…we started collection everything in our reach to build up a fire. I was suspecting that we would run out of gas on day 10 or 11 and a fire would save us some fuel. Of course everything was wet, but we believed in ourselves to be able to build a fire nevertheless.

With some birch bark, nearly dry twigs we really managed it to get the stuff burning. But I guess it would have never worked out with the firesteel I was carrying with me. We had to use a lighter and some paper from the printed maps that we didn’t need any longer to get the fire started.

Me at the fire Me at the fire

A campfire is always a little miracle because although the smoke bites you in the eyes and your clothes start to smell pretty bad it instantly raises the mood. We sat down by the fire cooked a meal and some tea, started reading and enjoyed the evening.

Franzi even managed to see two mouse weasel playing next to the cabin, sadly I couldn’t get a picture of them. We hoped that they wouldn’t bother us in the night but we were oh so wrong with our hopes.

Not only did at least one of the weasel vist us at night, no additionally two mice climbed up and down our backpacks and made so many noises running arround that we couldn’t get much sleep that night. Well at least I didn’t get much sleep because I kinda had to stay on guard and watch our stuff.

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