Bohusleden 2014 – Day 6

While planning our Bohusleden tour we were pretty sure that we wanted to take one day just to relax, stay at a nice place and just enjoy the nature. I thought that this day would come after ‘halftime’ but again everything went different.

We had several days behind us with sometimes a lot of heavy rain so that on the one hand some of our clothes were wet and on the other hand we couldn’t really wash our stuff because we had no chance to get things dry. And Franzi was also exhausted. Trekking for the first time, even on a lighter way like the Bohusleden could be hard if you never have done anything like this before. And I also got to admit that we should have at least trained a bit before like I did for the trip to Romania in 2011. Well it’s like the good old saying ‘you’re never to old to learn’.

So we chose day 6 to be our day off. The weather was nice and warm and we initially took the chance to get our clothes washed and dry. The rest of the day we sat in the sun reading and relaxed. I took some photos of dragonflies which seemed to enjoy the warm sun as much as we did.

Dragonflys in the sun Dragonflys in the sun

According to a note we had found in the cabin it should be possible to reach a small island in the middle of the lake with the lake and there was supposed to be a ‘treasure’ on the island. But unfortunately the raft, which was supposed to be used to reach the island, was chained to a tree.

Arround lunchtime a swedish couple came down to the lake, resting for a while and then got back on the track again. Shortly afterwards the scouts from yesterday and even Sven arrived. As before the scouts initially took the chance to go for a swim in the lake.

After a nearly one hour-long break they gathered their stuff because they wanted to reach Bottenstugan today. We waved goodby and were again alone in the woods to enjoy the silence.

In the evening an elderly swedish couple came down to us. They were not hiking on the Bohusleden they seemed to be in charge for the lake. Because they walked down to the small raft, opened the lock and headed off to the island. We couldn’t get a chance to ask them because somehow we never saw them coming back. Could be the case that we enjoyed reading a bit too much.

In the late evening we started the fire again, cooked our meal for the day and of course some nice tea. And guess what, our ‘friends’ the mice decided to visit us again on their mission to scavenge everything they could and they didn’t seem to be shy at all. We decided that something had to be done against them so that we would find more sleep. Because we had eaten much lees of our candy- and cereal bars we decided to share them with the little fellows which we called Helmut and Loki by the way. We deployed several pieces of nuts arround the cabin and hoped that this should keep their interest away from our backpacks.

Our planned seemed to work because we slept much better and I only heard at least on mouse in the early morning. But the night was quiet this time.

Now you might say that our behaviour was not the best idea because this way the mice get even more used to all the people walking arround in the woods. In this case I have to be a bit egoistic and realistic. Point one: we wanted to sleep and really needed that sleep and also our food. And second the mice always lived arround humans. Of course they are a bit shy or lets say afraid of us humans, but they are not dumb. They know that we  have food and they also smell the food. So better to give them something than a mouse in your backpack right?

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