Bohusleden 2014 – Day 7

Halftime on the Bohusleden! We didn’t get as far as planned, they way was harder than I thought because most of the time it was going up and down like a rollercoaster, the weather was not always on our side, somehow a typical trekking trip i would say.

After taking a day off we had to get back to the routine again. Cereals in the morning, pack our gear, refresh our water reserves and get back on track.

Back on track Back on track

Unfortunately the path through the woods quickly became a little climbing adventure. Nothing special, but for someone who has never done anything like this before and already has aching knees and feet this was really not the best way to start the day. At least not all of the steeper parts had to be climbed with a rope. Some nice people had built stairs into the woods.

Stairs in the woods Stairs in the woods

After a while we reached Bottenstugan where we met Sven and the scouts again. The place was huge and really nice for a camp, the lake just a few metres away, with firewood and even toilets. So if you want to hike the Bohusleden with a bigger group I guess there is no better camp spot than this one.

Sven was heading back home so we wished him well and waved goodbye. The scouts were taking their day off at this place, a decision we could dully understand. We walked alongside the Alevatten and Haltesjön and enjoyed the weather which was at the moment much friendlier to us than in the days before.

Alevatten Alevatten Alevatten Alevatten

There even seemed to be a sledge dog owner nearby. Because we heard several dogs braking from afar and as we reached the next house we saw several small dog hutches next to it. To bad they seemed to had left for a training ride before we got there.

Shortly after we went by that house we had the path entered the woods again. And one of the hardest parts of this tour should begin. Not because the way itself is so hard but because of the missing spots to set up a tent. Not a problem for people sleeping directly in the woods with only their sleeping bags or just tarp. But for us this was a pretty big issue. We could have camped very early but this would have meant that we would have only made 3 or 4 kilometres this day. And the map looked like there were enough spots near all the lakes.

Last campground for the next 5h Last campground for the next 5h

And not only that it was hard to find a spot for our tent, most of the time the shores of the lakes were very rocky and steep. It would have been possible to climb down there without the backpack for me, but not really something you’re looking for on the Bohusleden and for a camp.

We had planned to get to point 4 on the Bohusleden Map for stage 09. Our problem was, that we hadn’t printed the annotations to the map. Yes this might have been a bit stupid but who wants to carry nearly 30 printed pages arround on a trekking trip?

So let me tell you this: Point 3 is a perfect spot for a camp with a nice view on the lake. A bit before that you can easily walk down to the shore to a nice place and call it a day. But at point 4 there is nothing but nature itself. We reached point 4 at 4 pm, about 45 minutes later we found a spot to fill our water reserves and after hiking for 7 straight hours on this day we finally reached a part in the woods to camp directly at the Bohusleden path.

Our camp for day 7 Our camp for day 7

No chance to ‘take a shower’ in the morning but at least we had enough water for cooking and to brush our teeth. Being exhausted from the long walk we fell into our sleeping bags, read a few more pages and found some sleep.

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