Getting back in shape

During the trip on the Bohusleden it was pretty clear to me that I’m in no good shape. Well let’s be honest, this was clear to me even before the trip. Because I just didn’t do or care much about my stamina. I tried running but due to the wrong shoes  and me being to enthusiatsic in the beginning, running farther than I should have, my knees where a mess very fast. After a few weeks I was again just sitting on the sofa.

On the other hand I had the plan in my head to finally get a bike to replace the tube on my ways through the city and at let me do ab it more for my fitness. There were just 2 or 3 problems with that. First I never was a “bike person”, I always liked it better to walk/hike. And yes I would rather walk 20 miles than go by bike. Second I just couldn’t find the right bike. But fortunately I’m listening to the great Wrint podcast where Holgi interviewed Chris from Velohome the in episode 345. Afterwards I contacted Chris by mail and he gave me some tips on buying a bike and what can I say, I now have a Specialized Source Elite.


So a new bike was the first step the second step was using the companies own little fitness studio more often, if possible 3 days a week.

Now my plan looks like this:

  • Use the bike to get to work whenever possible, about 6km a day. Not that much but better than doing nothing at all
  • Use the bike whenever possible to visit friends or go shopping which is also something in the range of 5 to 10km.
  • Use the small fitness-studio in the office at least 3 times a week, which means at least 30min on the ergometer bike, about 30min on a machine to build up some muscles and additionally a little workout on the rowing machine for 20min.

I’m not planning on changing something about my food habits because ~78kg on 1,76m is not really that bad. I’m just not in a good shape and this is what I want to change for the small and bigger trekking trips that I’d like to do.

That’s all for today folks, hopefully I’ll find some time to finish the missing articles from the Bohusleden trip and also another article on my first LARP experience.

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