First Advent with Tomintoul Peaty Tang Whisky

First advent sunday, first little advent present for this year. And after 2011 this is the 2nd time that I found a little whisky miniature in my calendar.

Needless to say that I was very happy about the surprise, a whisky that I’ve actually never heard of before the Tomintoul Peaty Tang, a malt from the Speyside Region.

Tomintoul Peaty Tang

No wonder that I haven’t heard of this one yet because normally I’m looking for Islay candidates for my collection. Of course this doesn’t mean that I only have whiskies from this region, but I know much more of them than I know of the other sottish regions.

A Peaty Tang whisky sounds promising and Tomintoul somehow reminds of a location in the Lord of the Rings.


Well and peaty it is. Prominent smoke reaches the nose but it is very gentle. It doesn’t hit you with much alcoholic sharpness, not surprising very much because the Tormintoul has only 40%, but with very gentle and warm feeling.

The taste reminds with its bitter-sweet flavours of dark chocolate. At first it comes with a malty sweetness and then it goes down with kind of herbal bitterness which stays for quite a while.

I really do like this one. Not as ‘oily’ as a Lagavulin 16 or Coal Ila 12 and not as complex but really great for a whisky that only costs ~ 30 €. Reminds me a bit of the Finlaggan Old Reserve.

So it is a Speyside whisky tasting like a good Islay drink. Yes I like it, mild and smokey at the same time.


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