Homebrewing – First Beer – Schneuczek No. 1

Making your own beer is not really a new thing but it has come to more and more attention lately. Maybe due to the so-called ‘craft beer’ trend from the USA. Or maybe because enough people are tired of just drinking the same mainstream beers. They are often called “TV Beers” because of the typical drinks that are advertised in the TV – which all taste the same.

I’m living in Dortmund, a city once famous for its beer tradition. So one thing kinda led to another. First I started collecting beer from all over the world with my girlfriend. And I gotta say it is equally satisfying and surprising what you can find on the market.

Then I listened to some podcasts about homebrewing (CRE 194 and WRINT 131). And after attending a nice little brewing seminar at the Hexenkessel Dortmund it didn’t took us long that we started homebrewing.

We that is Franzi, Katha and myself and yes I’m brewing with two ladies! Sometimes its just great to live in the ruhr district, or as we like to call it ‘Ruhrpott’ where women drink like men 🙂 Parts of our surnames led to the name of our very own creation: SchNeuCzek.

Of course we started with a recipe for one of our local specialties: Dortmunder Export

The result was surprisingly great, despite of having several problems to keep the beer cold enough and some other things that didn’t work out as expected. But we can say that homebrewing can be real fun. You just have to take your time, invite some good friends and just do it.

And here are some photos of our first creation: Schneuczek No. 1


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