Second Advent with Ledaig 10 year Whisky

Second advent sunday which also means it is time for the 2nd little present. As suspected before I found another whisky miniature inside the bag for the 14th december, together with some chocolate.

And again it is a single malt advertising its taste with the word ‘peated’ on its label – do i sense a scheme here? In contrast to the first advent, with the Tomintoul, I’ve heard of this one before. The Ledaig was already on my ‘get a taste of it’ list. And luckily now I have a nice miniature of the 10-year-old Ledaig in my little collection.

Ledaig 10

A fact that I didn’t know about the Ledaig is, that it is distilled in the Tobermory Distellery on the Isle of Mull. Well now I know better and learned that the Tobermory Distillery was once, in 1972 after re-opening, called Ledaig according to the Wikipedia Entry. Isn’t it nice to learn something while enjoying a drink? At least I think so and for me this is also a part of enjoying whisky. Learning how it is made and getting to know something about the history.

But now back to the drink itself. The bottle looks not as nice as the one of the Tomintoul but this is just something which is important for the look in your collection and doesn’t really matter to me. What is important is the taste and a whisky described as ‘wonderful peaty’ always attracts my attention. In contrast to the candidate from 1st advent this one has a lot more alcohol, ~46% vs. ~40%, so I expect the Ledaig to have a rougher character.


The label says peated and well smokey it is. What you get to smell is just about right and well-balanced. A bit of wooden sweetness paired with nice smokey flavours and little stings in the nose from the alcohol. But for ~46% still very gentle.

On the tongue you’ll find slight tastes of dark fruits, little spicy notes similar but not as so strong like the ones you’ll find in a Talisker, and yes of course you get to taste the peat. And the second or third sip you might also find some malty sweetness.

The finish is pretty long and lasts a while. I would not suggest to make this one the first of several whiskies for a tasting. It is more a candidate for a nice and warm finish like a Laphroaigh or if you like it spicy a Talisker.

All in all I really do like this one. Every bit fits well together. It is bit more complex than my first advent whisky, the Tomintoul, and fits well in my collection. If you like the typical Islay or Isle of Sky Taste than this one should be on your shopping list.


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