Third Advent with BenRiach Septendecim Whisky

And off we go to this years third advent which means I got to open the last but one little bag of my advent calendar. And in this one I found a miniature of the BenRiach Septendecim.

After I bought the BenRiach Curiositas, which couldn’t have gotten a better name, and the miniature of the BenRiach Authenticus, which you can see in the picture below, this is now the third whisky I get to taste from the BenRiach Distillery.

Ben Riach Authenticus

So from the 10y old peaty, smoky monster (Curiositas) and the sweet, floral and slight bitterness of the Autheticus I now get the chance of tasting another 21y old candidate and I’m pretty much exited about the taste. To be honest the two other didn’t really make it into my favourites because they were just to extreme. Overwhelming smoke or too much dominating sweetness, not extremely complex but also nothing to just enjoy while reading a book. But nevertheless they where quite interesting and special because they distinguished themselves so well from all the other single malts I had tasted before. Nowadays after some bigger and some small, private tastings I can say that I drank some other quite special drinks from Scotland which also didn’t make it into my all time favorite list but were just one of a kind and so to be remebered.

For the BenRiach Septendecim I’m now looking for either a very special taste or maybe a nice old malt. Though I really don’t expect this one to be better than my first two advent miniatures, the great Tomintoul Peaty Tang and the stunning Ledaig 10.

Ben Riach Septendecim


I recently took a nice and quite evening to taste the BenRiach Septendecim. First I was kinda surprised to smell not that much smoke but honey. It was quite nice and in better than the other two Malts from BenRiach I had before. The alcohol was also pretty subtle and all in all the first impreission was better than expected. I took a sip and there it was, the dense smoke I had anticipated. Not as strong as the Curiositas would hit you, no it was more of a nice and warm smoke with a little sweetness and again there was some honey. Not very complex but also not as extreme as the younger Curiositas and not so boringly mild as the Authenticus. What really suprises me is that its finish is often described as ‘long and intense’. I found it vanished pretty fast from my tongue and my mouth. Especially if compared to a Ardbeg 10, a Lagavulin 16 or other great Islay whiskys.

On the second and third sip the alcohol became more present and added a little sharpness to the taste and made it harder to smell the sweet honey notes. So as a roundup I would say that the 17y old BenRiach Septendecim is a good middle way in between the other two BenRiach candidates, but it can’t really compete with the Tomintoul or the Ledaig that I fund before in my calendar.

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