Fireworks Silvester 2014 – Alien invasion repelled again

Is it only me or are the aliens trying to take over the earth kinda stupid? They always attack when a year changes on the so-called ‘Silvester’. Maybe they want to take their chance when humanity is collectively drunk? But again we repelled their attack in 2014 Silvester night and I managed to take some photos of our defense rockets.

It was the first time I tried to capture the fireworks and the view was not that optimal. Nevertheless some pictures came out quite nice and some just captured ‘the right moment’ when a rocket was just exploding for example.

Sadly I couldn’t capture a single invading alien ship. Maybe next time. But I have picture of an object in the sky that might be their homebase. Here you can see a closeup:

New Years Moon 2015

So long, until the next attack when the year changes from 2015 to 2016, if the aliens don’t change their invasion plans.

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