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I’d like take a look back on our ‘beer history’ and collecting beer itself. Our hobby can’t be compared to people collecting things to get very special rare items and maybe even make money with it. No we’re just doing this to broaden our horizon in the taste of one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to mankind.

I think all of this really started with the Bergmann Adam Beer. Of course we knew different beers before, but pretty much all of them belonged to the standards you can find in every supermarket in germany or at least in every market in NRW. On one day we just found the Adam Beer in a local store and thought ’10 € for 1l beer is a whole lot of money. But what the hell, we love our hometown Dortmund, we like the Bergmann Beer from a small local brewery, why not try their speciality once?’ And it was kinda fun drinking it from glasses you normally use for red wine instead of using a standard beer glass. That’s how we kinda found out that there is more to beer than just a simple alcoholic drink.

Bergmann Adambier Bergmann Brauerei - Adambier, Dortmund

So we came up with the idea to try out every beer that we can find here at our local trinkgut market. I also started to take pictures of each beer. This part would have been a lot easier if I would have just taken my smartphone camera, like nearly everyone else does, but no I wanted to take every picture with my DSLR. And we even made little tasting notes for every beer and invited friends over for tastings. And this just didn’t get us drunk once in a while, no we had a lot of fun with it and also learned several things about beer and beer culture. In fact we learned so much interesting stuff that we attended a one day brewing seminar and started brewing our own beer.

And that’s basically it. We have collected 244 different beers till now – just got a call from one of the ‘brewing sisters’ that she will bring No. 245 – and we started collecting in May 2013. This means that we found and tasted over 100 new beers each year since than. Well ~20 of them are still waiting to be tasted. There is just the problem that it can be quite a lot of work to write down all the tasting notes in a blog and attach the photos to the posts. And yes I have to admit that I’ being very lazy on that part because only a few beers have made it to their corresponding posts till now.

You now might want to know where all of our beer comes from. Most of them are brewed in Germany but our collection from Belgium is growing steadily and from time to time we get to drink beers from all over Europe or even all over the world. Luckily even some local supermarkets are now importing beer and have some really nice ones in their collection e.g. the Firestone Pale 31. And some major companies like Radeberger, to which many well-known german beers belong to, started ‘craft-beer’ products. So the market is growing and growing and we have more fun with collecting and of course drinking.

This brings me to the part where I’d like to say thank you. Because not all of the beers we’ve collected we’ve bought ourselves. About 10% are presents from family and friends which is really really great and we are very thankful for the fact that there are people out there that take part in our hobby. Of course they are invited for beer tasting and receive beer from our homebrewing experiments in return. But I think it is not naturalness that you buy beer on a holiday trip as a present for some people who started such a hobby like we did.

A big THANKS to all of you!

And to all the fellow germans out there: There is much more to a good beer than just Pils!

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