Tasting Day for Schneuczek No. 2

Our very own second beer creation the Schneuzcek No. 2 was brewed on April 21st, bottled on April 27th and after nearly one month of maturation we finally opened a bottle to get a taste of what we brewed.

We aimed at creating a so-called Bock, which is traditionally a strong(er) pale ale specially brewed to be drank (and maybe get drunk) during springtime till the end of May. Well we kinda started a bit late for that but we are still in May! The expectation for this homebrewing candidate where to create a beer that tastes great on a warm spring day with nice hop flavor and some sweet notes from the malt and the stronger alcohol.

So let’s see what we got out of this.

(This was our ‘Test-Bottle’ to see the development of the fermenting process)

Well not quite what we had expected from the looks of it. It came out a bit darker and especially really dreggy with a lot of yeast at the bottom of the bottle. It kinda looked like an unfiltered wheat beer.


To get such a dreggy beer is a very common problem with homebrewing. For us it was a bit of a surprise because we had optimized our filtration process for our second beer. But we might have used too much yeast in this one, well obviously we did use too much. Nevertheless it doesn’t have to be a bad thing when your (homebrewed) beer looks like that. We are just kinda trained to think its bad because most of the industrial products are clear and many are filtered with an Isinglas, the swim bladder of a fish. Summing it up our beer looks great and natural and not like a polished TV product.


And not even does it look great and the bottles opened with a formidable ‘Plopp’ sound, no it also smells very nice. During the time of collecting and trying out different beers and styles we came to the conclusion that neither of us really likes the smell of a standard Pils. We are more into the ones that offer fruity hop notes. My personal favourites are the India Pale Ale (IPA) that are well-known for these flavor notes. Well basically the banana flavor reminded us of a wheat beer and from the looks of it we kinda thought that we had created a dark wheat beer, without using any wheat of course.


Now to the most important, and also the part we were most nervous about, the taste. What can I say, it is delicious and is a great beer for the summer. Fruity but not to sweet and unlike an IPA the hops are not that bitter in the finish. Typically a Bock beer would get you a contrast of sweet and bitter notes, but more of a sweetness from goodies or chocolate, for a dark Bock, than sweetness from fruits. According to that you can’t say that we created a typical Bock beer, but neither did we created an IPA or wheat beer.


Yes! We created something on our own, well based on a recipe we didn’t develop ourselves, and the outcome is something special. A great, smooth and palatable beer for a hopefully great summer. But beware it is a strong(-er) ale with approximately 8% Vol. which might lead to a bad aftermath if you drink to much of it on the next morning.


That’s what all the fuss and the fun of homebrewing is all about. Creating and enjoying something with friends.

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