Brewing Schneuczek TwoThirds 40° – Wit Beer

After the huge and kind of surprising success of our Schneuczek No. 2 we decided to create another batch of beer. But this time we aimed not at a heavy one, no we wanted to go for a light summer beer.

Equipment Upgrade – Pimp my Brewery

Last time we made a lot of improvements to our equipment and of course we did again learn something and saw some more points where we could do better. The thing that bothered us the most was temperature control and stability. During the mashing we found out that our brewing-kettle, a simple auto-preserving cooker, was not very accurate in its temperature measuring and it also lost the heat too fast while we were stirring. So it was pretty clear that we needed a better isolation and more control through thermometers. The latter was no problem because we already had two digital thermometers we could use. The solution for keeping the heat was also not very complicated. We just took simple kitchenfoil, an isolation matt, a bit of tape and two expander belts and the kettle was pimped.

Pimp my brewing kettle

Another thing we were not that happy about was botteling. Now we will try it with a special tubule and a funnel. Hopefully this will make filtering and botteling easier. We’ll find out if this works out in about one or two weeks.

Now the beer itself

We love Belgian beer and last year we came across several so-called “Wit beers” a special kind of wheat beer, one from german Köstritzer and one by the Belgian Grimmbergen brewery. This fruity and light drink was great in the summer and now we wanted to create one on our own.

We chosse this recipe but with Wyeast 3463 – Forbidden Fruit – Activator
Wyeast - Forbidden Fruit™ 3463

This yeast is pretty common for brewing Wit beer and because we couldn’t get the intendet yeast we chose to mix recipes. Additionally this was our first beer where we didn’t just use typical beer ingredients like wheat or barley, hop and yeast. We also added coriander and bitte orange (from the pharmacy) like the recipe told us to.


Bitter Ornage and Coriander

Bitter Orange cooking

What about the name

This time we didn’t follow our ‘tradition’ of just naming the Schneuczek in its brewing order. There were two reasons for that. First and sadly one of the brewing sisters couldn’t attend the brewing process due to…well reasons. And second the brewing day was one of the hottest days this year with nearly 40° C in the shadow here in Dortmund.

Hence the name Schneuczek TwoThirds 40°. Of course we couldn’t brew beer without drink some other. This is one of the biggest secrets of homebrewing. Always keep some good beers close and get a taste of them while brewing. And, oh boy, let me tell you that just two Schneuczek No. 2 can get you pretty drunk in the summer 🙂

Lessons learned?

Keeping the temperature was a lot better this time but our filtration process was in some parts pretty bad especially while filtering the hop. We wanted to optimize this by using tubes and our good old cloths diapers. But this time it went pretty bad because the diameter of the filtering area was just to small.

Filtering...not so good

This will be something we have to think about next time and I’ll keep you updated which optimizations we try.

As always we are now pretty much excited and nervous what the outcome of our experiment will be. So stay tuned for further updates on our Wit beer the Schneuczek TwoThirds 40°.


  1. Hi! Here another homebrewer brewing in Germany. (From Essen)

    I really enjoyed your posts about your brewing process and equipments! Thanks for all those pieces of advice!

    Do you have any updates on your equipment? I would like to do myself a brewing kettle like you did and I am curious to see how yours is running 😉

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