H8teful Eight 70 mm – Park Theatre Vancouver

We just got back from watching the new Tarantino movie ‘The H8teful Eight‘ in 70 mm Panavision format at Park Theatre in Vancouver and we loved it. But it was kinda hard to actually get to see the movie in this special version.

Some weeks before my trip to Vancouver I found out that the movie would be shown in a special pre-release event in only a few cities around the globe, one of which was Vancouver. So I booked tickets for Dec 25th at 10 pm, what a nice X-Mas night. First thing you have to know about most of the cinemas in Canada, unlike cinemas in Germany, there are no pre-booked seats available. You get the tickets but then it is like it was in Germany about 10 or 15 years ago, it is first come first serve which means you better be there early and wait in line, a thing that Canadians really excel at, or you might get shitty seats. Fun fact: We even saw a tent outside a cinema before the first screening of the new Star Wars movie…

As we were told that being 20min early should be fine we arrived at the Park Theatre at ~9:30 pm and oh boy there was already a pretty long line of people waiting and we thought that our problems for this night would be a) shitty seats b) freezing c) having to order a taxi to get home. But there it only started. Because after waiting for 10 or 15min we got the info that the 70mm projector broke down during the first screening of the movie on 2 pm and wasn’t fixed yet. A technician was supposed to arrive in the night but on Dec 25 the movie would only be shown in digital and not 70 mm.

The H8teful Eight at Park Theatre Vancouver
The H8teful Eight at Park Theatre Vancouver

To cut the story short we only had two days left from the holidays that had no planning and so we immediately booked tickets for Dec 26th at 2 pm and got into the line for a refund of our initial tickets. And after standing over one hour in the cold, luckily it didn’t rain this time, we went back home. Next day, next try. We were told to be there at least one hour early, we got a bus very early and arrived two hours before the movie should start. So we got a coffee and got in line about 1 1/2 hours before the start because several other people already had started to queue up.

And finally The H8tfeful Eight started with the additional Roadshow in 70 mm Panavision. Well I don’t know what an actual roadshow is like, but apparently it meant that there where no adverts before the movie, a great plus by the way, instead there was a 12min part of music with a stylised picture of ‘The H8teful Eight’ on screen. Sadly we didn’t get the extra program booklet as a souvenir but I dunno why this was missing in Vancouver.

The H8teful Eight - source Independent.co.uk
The H8teful Eight – source Independent.co.uk

The film soundtrack was by the way partially written by the world-famous Ennio Morricone which led several people in the audience to applaud even before the movie had really started. I think I’ve never been to a cinema in Germany were the audience applauded. Not before the film, not during the film, nor after it. It seems in Canada this is quite normal for great films. Well we Germans tend to clap our hands when a plane has landed and I have to say I like it much better to show appreciation for a movie even though none of the crew is there to notice it.

For the movie itself I can say that it was awesome. If you liked Django Unchained you’ll also love this one, and of course if you’re into Tarantino movies you have to see this one too. Typical Tarantino style in hilarious dialogs, brilliant screenplay and of course overly dramatic violence. The whole audience laughed so hard on some scenes, no matter if it was one of the actors, which all did a tremendous job, having a nice dialog punchline or if a head exploded in blood. And I’m really glad that we watched it in 70mm. Well I don’t know how the digital version will come out and I can’t really say that the picture itself was much more brilliant than on other movies I have seen before, but the wide format did some scenes so much good. If it was the white and snowy landscape of Wyoming (movie was filmed in Colorado but the story takes place in Wyoming) or the possibility to show everything which is going on in Minnie’s Haberdashery, the place where most of the scenes take place, at once. Sadly it is really hard to see this version because it is only shown in a few cities in northern America for a short time and it is not sure yet if it will come out on DVD or BR in this format.

My advise no matter what: Watch the trailer and go see the movie!

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