[Personality] Rom Construct
– Recorded person saved digitally.

I’ve read the book at least two times and listened to the audiobook which is only about the first´, but by far the best of the three, story at least a dozen times. I guess you could say I really like it. And I just thought the concept of a digital backup of a human being is in a way what I’m doing here.


In this Blog you’ll find some acrticles about travel/trekking/outdoor-gear and beer/homebrweing. On top several photos I took. So this blog is at least partially a personality rom construct of me.


The long run

Since I’ve learned how to create a website aka homepage I’ve had one. And this was a long long time ago (don’t ask for any of my previous steps).

While studying I had a blog with some fellow students where we just collected random stuff we found in the depth of the internet. It was a bit of a creative chaos but it was fun. And I discovered more and more that I’d like to do this “blogging thing”. Just write something when I want, whenever I want and throw it out into the world.

But I’ve never had a real concept behind this like many other bloggers do. I just posted stuff that went through my head. I had so many interests and opinions that I just wanted to get out ‘there’.

I wrote about festivals and concerts, a lot of tech stuff and so on. But these articles are gone now (but not deleted). I always found trekking blogs to be really great and wanted to have my own one. But I just didn’t have enough time and the money to do all the journeys that it takes to create a really interesting trekking/travel blog.

I also like photo-artists that show their galleries online, but I still have to learn a lot about photography and let’s be honest: I was never a real artist and never will be. Sometimes I just take a nice picture here and there and this makes me happy enough. And than I recently discovered me love for whisky and beer and share this with some friends.

So it took me several years to figure out at least some kind of a concept and this is what you are seeing here right now: a blog about OPINIONS, PHOTOGRAPHY, TREKKING, WHISKY AND BEER and I think this fits pretty well.

If there is one thing missing here it would be Penguins. But people say I can’t have one on my own and sadly I can’t afford it (yet?) to visit the little fellows in their natural habitat.

I also do have some other interests of course like boardgames, LARP (this one is very fresh), still the tech stuff and I’m into all kinds of heavy metal music. All of this stuff is now to be found under opinions and has no own bigger category.

That being said I think the title romconstruct with its previously described meaning fits pretty well. And I just have to say: Thanks for visiting!