Homebrewing: Lessons learned and future projects

After homebrewing a total of eight beers under our ‘label’ Schneuczek we’ve learned quite a bit. Thus the time has come to draw a conclusion from the lessons learned so far, especially about more patience. And we try to look into the future, talking about what’s next and how we like to gain a bit […]

Brewing Schneuczek TwoThirds 40° – Wit Beer

After the huge and kind of surprising success of our Schneuczek No. 2 we decided to create another batch of beer. But this time we aimed not at a heavy one, no we wanted to go for a light summer beer. Equipment Upgrade – Pimp my Brewery Last time we made a lot of improvements to […]

Tasting Day for Schneuczek No. 2

Our very own second beer creation the Schneuzcek No. 2 was brewed on April 21st, bottled on April 27th and after nearly one month of maturation we finally opened a bottle to get a taste of what we brewed.

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