Good (old) friends – Whisky shopping

It’s been while, over 4 month to be exact, since I bought my last single malt the Bowmore Darkest. Well I still have some bottles left and there was no real need to get something new, but I kinda wanted to spend some ‘luxury hobby money’. Before I went to my ‘usual whisky dealer, the […]

Tasting the Glengoyne 21y finally

It took me a while to try last years 4th advent whisky. The miniature looked so nice in its little wooden box on the shelf that I didn’t want to ‘ruin the picture’. And yes I was a bit afraid that I’d like the malt so much that I’d have to buy the big bottle […]

Fourth Advent with Glengoyne 21y Single Cask Whisky

For many people christmas eve is a really special day but I gotta admit that I don’t really bother. Nevertheless it gets a kinda special ‘taste’ (pun intended) due to our tradition with the self-made advent calendars. And on the 24th of december there is sometimes something special waiting in the little calendar bags. This […]

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