Tasting the Glengoyne 21y finally

It took me a while to try last years 4th advent whisky. The miniature looked so nice in its little wooden box on the shelf that I didn’t want to ‘ruin the picture’. And yes I was a bit afraid that I’d like the malt so much that I’d have to buy the big bottle […]

Fourth Advent with Glengoyne 21y Single Cask Whisky

For many people christmas eve is a really special day but I gotta admit that I don’t really bother. Nevertheless it gets a kinda special ‘taste’ (pun intended) due to our tradition with the self-made advent calendars. And on the 24th of december there is sometimes something special waiting in the little calendar bags. This […]

Glenmorangie The Original 10y Scotch

Nachdem ich mir zum Einstieg in die Welt der Whiskys ja direkt mal einen denkbar “ungünstigen”, weil doch viel zu komplexen und starken Talisker 10y zugelegt hatte, musste erst mal leichtere Kost her.