Good (old) friends – Whisky shopping

It’s been while, over 4 month to be exact, since I bought my last single malt the Bowmore Darkest. Well I still have some bottles left and there was no real need to get something new, but I kinda wanted to spend some ‘luxury hobby money’. Before I went to my ‘usual whisky dealer, the […]

Bowmore Darkest 15 Tasting

Nearly a month ago, at the last whisky tasting at Buehrmann Weine, I’ve bought a bottle of Bowmore Darkest 15 out of 3 reasons. None of the candidates we could try at the tasting really got me, as you might know I like the Islay malts a lot and last but not least my Bowmore […]

Bruichladdich Links 14y

‘The Old Course, St. Andrews – 17th hole’ Heute geht’s mal um eine ganz besondere Adventskalender Überraschung. Denn statt den üblichen Schoki oder Nüsschen Geschenken fand ich doch tatsächlich eine kleine Whiskyflasche im Beutelchen für den 4.12 und damit 2ten Advent. Welch große Freude.

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