Minimalism – A matter of needs vs. wants

A while ago I wrote something about Downsizing and switching to digital copies (eBooks, music, games,…). Then I discovered Minimalism and found it quite interesting, but also not clear on the financial part. Should I consider this? tl;dr: Just think at least twice if you really need or just want something, and thus if it is worth buying. Is this already Minimalism? I […]

Hamlet in London – How classy

“I want to see Hamlet”…”Well okay.”…”In London.”…”Why in London?”…”Because Benedict Cumberbatch!” Not exactly her words but I think you get the basic idea why we had(!) to go on a 4-days short trip to London. TL;DR: Theatre great, Rugby Worldcup great, Museum great, but overcrowded and expensive. 

The first NHL Game – Vancouver Canucks vs. LA Kings

What belongs on a To-Do-List when making a trip to Vancouver? For us it was obvious ‘we need to attend a NHL game well because Canada and Ice Hockey’! Luckily we got the chance that one game did fit into our schedule, the local Vancouver Canucks vs. the LA Kings in the Rogers Arena and […]

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