Beer Collection

Yes we do love beer and after realizing that there is much more than just so simple so-called “TV Beers”, which basically all taste the same, we started collecting. Mostly beers from germany (yet) but we try to get products from all over the world.

Sometimes with the help of our families and friends, who support us with a bottle or two that they bring along from holiday trips, and sometimes we just order at Bierzwerg. And of course we try to buy some nice beers from all the places that we get to visit on vacation or on business trips.

We’ve also started homebrewing our very own ‘Schneuczek’ beer. The origin of the name is simply build out of letters from our surnames.

But where do all the other beers come from that we have colltected since May 2013? Here is a little statisctic for you:

And here is the list of our growing beer collection:

We also try to take a picture of each bottle that we’ve bought. So all of the following photos were taken by myself and were not taken from the producers or online shops.

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