Altenburger Premium Pils

Brauerei: Altenburer Brauerei GmbH Farbe: hellgelb, klar, blass Geruch: leicht nach Pils, ein Hauch von Moosgummi/Moder, leicht chemisch Geschmack: typisches Pils, leicht herb im Abgang Alkohol: 4.9 Vol.% Stammwürze:

The first NHL Game – Vancouver Canucks vs. LA Kings

What belongs on a To-Do-List when making a trip to Vancouver? For us it was obvious ‘we need to attend a NHL game well because Canada and Ice Hockey’! Luckily we got the chance that one game did fit into our schedule, the local Vancouver Canucks vs. the LA Kings in the Rogers Arena and […]

H8teful Eight 70 mm – Park Theatre Vancouver

The H8teful Eight at Park Theatre Vancouver

We just got back from watching the new Tarantino movie ‘The H8teful Eight‘ in 70 mm Panavision format at Park Theatre in Vancouver and we loved it. But it was kinda hard to actually get to see the movie in this special version.

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